Jukebox: Credits

People who made this happen

This project wouldn't have existed without direct or indirect contribution of countless number of people. I'll try to mention some of them, if you don't see yourself here and believe I did it intentionally, don't hesitate to remind me :-)

So, here's the people I want to say thanks to, in approximately chronological order:

  • Yuri Lesiuk, as the person who opened my eyes toSmalltalk (1990). Not even counting the fact that he's the one that made me eventually learn English and landed me with a job that propelled me all the way to sunny Arizona;
  • Val Rijouk, as the genius disguised as a simple man, who made me think the way I think today (1991);
  • Alexander Sakovsky, as the major pain in the neck, but excellent professional, who helped to clarify a lot of design issues (1993);
  • Julia Zhukovsky, for the bug hunt (1993);
  • Andrew Donchenko, as the person who taught me to be consistent in my commitments (1994-1995);
  • Geoffrey Elkind, for allowing me to concentrate on the big picture instead of annoying daily job (1995-1997);
  • Alexander Tatievsky (RIP), for backing me up when I needed it most (1995-1997);
  • Eugen Feraru, for making me believe this work is worth something after all (1998);
  • Apache JServ team, for being a last straw at the camel's back to make a decision about making the source code public;
  • Tommy Reilly, for the motivation to learn the autoconf/automake stuff and parts of the scripts;
  • Suhas Dutta, for having enough trust in me to put his reputation on stake.