Jukebox: Frequently Asked Questions


1. General Questions

1.1. Why "Jukebox"?


"Jukebox" is a metaphor to describe the way the components of a component framework are plugged into it and used when necessary.

1.2. Who/what uses Jukebox?


  • Projects in the same family - DIY Zoning, Haywire, Servomaster;
  • If not literally, then idiomatically - all the projects I've been working on in and out of day job since 1990, ranging from embedded to enterprise applications. See my resume for details.

2. Prerequisites

2.1. What JDK version does Jukebox require?


The HEAD branch will usually require the last available JDK version. If there is a practical demand for the version of Jukebox that works with older JDK, it's always available at SourceForge download page.

2.2. What are the Jukebox's dependencies?


All the dependencies are bundled up with the archive, so you don't need to worry about them. Moreover, if you're planning to use Jukebox in production environment, it is recommended that you use those instead of more up-to-date versions of them that can possibly be available, to avoid subtle and difficult to diagnoze bugs caused by version incompatibilities.

If you really need to use dependencies that are newer than those bundled with Jukebox, let me know.

At this point, the dependencies are:

  • log4j
  • junit
  • xerces-j2
  • xml-common-apis